Procrastination pays off once again. A week and a half ago, Apple [lifted]( the ban on video game emulators in the App Store. This seems to be in attempt to stem off folks in the EU from downloading developer Riley' Testut's Alternative App Marketplace where Delta is also distributed. I'd been meaning to share this news in anticipation of the news *today*. Now, both [AltStore is available in the EU]( and Delta is available in both AltStore and the [App Store]( For real. I had [[MFP21 - “It Should be Intimidating” with Riley Testut|Riley on MFP]] a year ago and we talked about this very future. Riley has been preparing for this day for 10 years. I [[Delta 1.3 Thoughts & Impressions|reviewed]] Delta 1.3 back in 2021. Here's what I had to say: > The very first element I noticed was how Delta feels. This has a beautiful design that employs plenty of native iOS features. Riley has implemented [[delta_gba_peek.png|Peek & Pop]], haptic feedback for the on-screen buttons, shortcuts, and more. I’m not sure how much, if any, of the code is Swift or SwiftUI, but Delta has that native iOS feel that is polished, and what I would consider essential. > > ...Delta is a wonderful app. I have been completely won over and it has earned a spot right on my home screen. I can’t think of higher praise when it comes to an iOS app; I’m pretty picky. If you’d like your collection in your pocket, there’s no better app. Today is a victory for Riley, his team, iOS users, and emulation fans everywhere.