Behind the Pixel – Peer Schneider Shares a Look Inside IGN

Part of creating The Max Frequency Podcast was to restore all the episodes of Behind the Pixel, an interview show I did in 2017 for seven episodes. These will be mixed into this feed so that the show can live on podcast services once more. Below are the original show notes, with some light editing. You can check out the original posts here. I hope you enjoy.

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Co-founder of IGN, Peer Schneider sits down with Max Roberts to offer a look inside the world’s largest gaming website—IGN. Peer shares about bringing video games back on TV, reacting and responding to the audience, and how to keep reporting entertainment and gaming news fresh over the course of 20 years. With 156 million monthly users across 12 platforms, IGN is a massive machine. Join us for a peek at the parts the make it all work and the community that fuels it.

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“If you frequent websites and YouTube channels and Twitch streams and you like something, say so. You do not understand how important it is to laud people for a job well done. And usually, we have this reaction where we want to say ‘That was awesome’ and step away. You can’t do that. Just like when you are angry—so important to give feedback when you are angry or when you disagree, very important to give that feedback—but remember to do it when you like something.”

— Peer Schneider on Action and Reaction with Peer Schneider: Pockets Full of Soup Ep. 48.

This episode was recorded on July 26, 2017.

Dolphin Emulator Adds Game Boy Support

Dolphin Emulator – mGBA Integration: Introducing the Integrated GBA

Your eyes are not deceiving you. As of 5.0-14690, Dolphin now has mGBA directly built into it as a new way to handle Game Boy Advance connectivity with GameCube titles. For those who don’t know, mGBA is the most renowned and accurate GBA emulator of this era and has been rapidly improving since its inception…

By bringing these two emulators together in one package, GBA connectivity features now work with popular features like savestates, input recordings, and netplay! All of this comes with the added bonus of improved performance and compatibility.

Between this and the recently released 2P GBA core for the MiSTer project, my childhood is getting such love and proper treatment in the emulation scene. I am stoked! I already downloaded the beta and began fiddling around with the functionality.

Sacred Symbols+, Episode 105: The Blue Box Conspiracy – Last Stand Media

Sacred Symbols+, Episode 105: The Blue Box Conspiracy by Last Stand Media on Patreon

I throughly enjoyed the deep dive into the possible evidence about Blue Box Game Studio. It’s behind the Patreon paywall, but this episode is an absolute treat! Colin and Dustin lay out all the tidbits and connect them with thoughtful conversation. I agree that something is up with Blue Box Game Studio and PlayStation. Theoretically, we’ll find out more in the coming weeks. Either way, I think this episode is absolutely worth the price of admission.