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A seasonal podcast where host Max Roberts and Logan Moore pick a video game series and bounce back and forth between its entries, exploring their evolution, design, and legacy. Each season explores a different series with guests joining our hosts along the way to explore video games outside of individual titles.

The Max Frequency Podcast

Join Max Roberts and guests each month to talk about games, technology, and life. This is podcasting at Max’s frequency.


Behind the Pixel

Max’s interview show with different folks in the video game industry. With interviews from jazz musicians to game developers, this short run show was originally a part of Model Citizens Media. The show has now been reincorporated into the Max Frequency Podcast feed.

Chasing the Stick: The History of Naughty Dog during the PS4 Era

A deep-dive into the history of PlayStation Studios team Naughty Dog and their development during the PS4 generation. From the The Last of Us on PS3 to Nathan Drake’s finale in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End to the 7-year sequel, The Last of Us Part II, Chasing the Stick explores how the team puts narrative on the control stick. The podcast is a free audiobook version of the written story.

Millennial Gaming Speak

Max Roberts and Logan Moore’s weekly video game news podcast. After reconnecting through the power of Twitter, the two friends decided to dive into the world of podcasting together. The show was eventually rolled into Model Citizens Media. Millennial Gaming Speak ran from 2015 through 2018.