# What is Super Chapter Select? Super Chapter Select is a premium version of Chapter Select with longer shows, exclusive episodes, and bonus video content. # How much does it cost? Super Chapter Select costs [$2.50 USD/month](https://maxfrequency.memberful.com/checkout?plan=99142) or [$20 USD/year](https://maxfrequency.memberful.com/checkout?plan=76115). This grants members access to the entire catalog. You can sign up at those links. # Why make a premium version? We felt we had more to offer and explore in the realm of Chapter Select. With funding from the fans, this helps us keep the lights on for the show and produce better seasons all around. # What kind of premium content will there be? Every episode of Super Chapter Select will be longer with pre- and/or post-show chapters. These topics range from *Severance*, retro gaming set ups, the MCU, moving, etc. There are also exclusive episodes, available only to members in their personal podcast feed. These will be detailed on the season pages. For example, Max and Logan did an episode about Justin Lin’s *[[S4E12 - Better Luck Tomorrow|Better Luck Tomorrow]]*, which introduces the character of Han before *Tokyo Drift* was ever made. Each season also has bonus, supplemental videos. These include playing games from the first time, *Pokémon* battles, movie commentaries, and more. # All right, I signed up. Where is all my bonus content? After signing up, Memberful should show you your private RSS feed for Super Chapter Select. Add the feed to your podcast player of choice. There is a member-exclusive page with all of the videos. You will receive an introductory email with the URL and password after signing up. If you have any issues finding these, please send an email [here](mailto:[email protected]). # What is changing with the regular version of Chapter Select? Nothing. The base version of Chapter Select will remain the same, be released at the same time, and offer the same features and quality you have come to expect. # Will seasons be announced ahead of time? Yes. We want members to have a vision of what is coming down the pipeline. We plan on announcing each year’s seasons, most likely in the summer time. This is subject to change and if it does, everyone will get a proper heads up. Alongside announcing Super Chapter Select, we have announced Seasons 6, 7, and 8. [[S6 - Pokémon|Season 6 is Pokémon]]. [[S7 - Metroid Prime|Season 7 is Metroid Prime]]. [[S8 - Castlevania|Season 8 is Castlevania]]. You can read more about those seasons [[Announcing the Next Three Seasons of Chapter Select|here]]. # Will you still produce two seasons a year? ~~Yes. This too is subject to change though. If we want to pursue a more ambitious and larger series – for example, *The Legend of Zelda* with its 19 main line games – we may decide to solely focus on *Zelda* that year.~~ > [!info] Update 11/23/2023: > Logan and I decided to change our release cadence to be only when seasons are complete and are no longer holding the show to bi-annual releases. You can read about the reasoning behind these decisions [[Changing Things Up for Chapter Select|here]]. # Will there be any advertising? Chapter Select does not have any advertisements at this time, but we are open to it. If we do find show sponsors, those ads will become a part of the regular version of the show. Super Chapter Select will remain ad free. If you’d like to sponsor a season of Chapter Select, contact us [here](mailto:[email protected]). # ~~Why only one tier?~~ ~~When designing Super Chapter Select, I toyed with numerous tiers. In the end, I decided to keep it as simple as possible. One fixed price for one year of access.~~