Guest Appearance on Halo Forever with Mario Rivera

Halo Forever Season 2 Ep. 1 “Cairo Station” (Special Guest Chapter Select’s Max Roberts) by Mario Rivera on YouTube

Back when Mario was in pre-production on Halo Forever, his Let’s Play series through the Halo franchise, he asked me what Halo 2 level I’d like to play.

For me, it was no contest: Cairo Station. Returning the bomb to the Covenant forces – absolutely iconic.

I had a blast playing along with Mario and trying out my fancy streaming gear. Even my wife makes an appearance.

Guest Appearance on Controlled Interests – The Last Of Us 2 Spoilercast

The Last Of Us 2 Spoilercast – CI Gamecast Special – YouTube

The Last Of Us Part 2 Spoilercast – Controlled Interests Gamecast Special – Podcast

It did not take long for me to return to Controlled Interest. Jerrad invited me back to dig into The Last of Us Part II with himself, Dom, and Chris Nunes. It was actually the first spoilercast for the game I even engaged with as I’ve stayed away until I could finish my own review (which is finally in the editing process). The four of us had an engaging discussion and I personally had a great time. I hope you enjoy.

Guest Appearance on Controlled Interests Episode 193 – PlayStation 5 Reveal Event Reactions and Analysis

PlayStation 5 Reveal Event Reactions & Analysis – CI Gamecast Ep. 193 – YouTube

Jerrad Wyche invited me onto his podcast Controlled Interests this week to discuss the PlayStation 5 reveal shortly after it aired. We had a fun and in-depth chat about everything that Sony laid out. Give the show a listen if you want to know how we felt about the PS5’s first real showing!