Nintendo Plans Upgraded Switch Console and Major Games for 2021 – Bloomberg

Nintendo Plans Upgraded Switch Console and Major Games for 2021 by Takashi Mochizuki for Bloomberg

Nintendo Co. plans to debut an upgraded model of its Switch console next year along with a lineup of new games, people familiar with the matter said, ceding 2020’s holiday spotlight to rival devices from Sony Corp. and Microsoft Corp.

The specifications of the new machine have yet to be finalized, though the Kyoto-based company has looked into including more computing power and 4K high-definition graphics, people briefed on the strategy told Bloomberg News, asking not to be identified because it’s private.

You can always bet on rumors flying around about Nintendo’s next console and their next Direct. This is similar, if not identical, to the rumors that went around late 2019/early 2020. Those rumors were squashed on January 31, 2020 during Nintendo’s financial results meeting.

When reading “along with a lineup of new games,” it’s hard not to imagine that being the sequel to Breath of the Wild. It’s interesting to imagine Nintendo pursuing 4K performance. Nintendo usually does not adopt modern graphical standards this soon. They stuck with cartridges until the early 2000s, kept standard definition through the life of the Wii, with continued support on Wii U! They were one of the first to technically provide consumer access to the raw digital video signal on the GameCube. I wonder how hot a Switch will get in a Dock pushing out 4K graphics.

Ask Iwata: Words of Wisdom is Coming to the West

Ask Iwata: Words of Wisdom from Nintendo’s Legendary CEO invites you to learn more about the president, game developer, and gamer who forever changed the video game industry as we know it. Coming directly to you Spring 2021 in print and digital.

VIZ via Twitter

Glad to see this book is finally being brought West. The five year anniversary of Satoru Iwata’s passing just passed on July 11. After Steve Jobs, Iwata is the first CEO I ever truly recall being able to identify. He always struck me as a gentle, quirky person that was an effective leader and shaped Nintendo for generations to come, not just in the console sense of the word.