Maddy Myers Leaves Kotaku

The Galaxy Is At Peace by Maddy Myers for Kotaku

Kotaku now has a staff of 15 people. This is just shy of two weeks after Jason Schreier left Kotaku. Both Jason and Maddy have a new podcast with Kotaku alum Kirk Hamilton. The three of them were the hosts of Kotaku’s Splitscreen podcast. Maddy says she has a new job at another media outlet that she will reveal later. Jason ended up a Bloomberg.

Unfortunately, I feel like the writing is on the wall for Kotaku.

Update (5/11/20): Maddy is now a senior games editor at Polygon.

Jason Schreier Leaves Kotaku

Press Sneak Out by Jason Schreier at Kotaku

Not terribly surprising, but still a bummer. I’m curious where Jason will go next, presumably after his second book is published. I can’t see him going to a major, traditional video game new outlet. Kotaku itself has seen quite a wave of departures lately. Kotaku is now a staff of 16 writers.

The podcast Jason hosted on Kotaku is done as well, at least in its current form. Jason, Maddy Myers, and Kirk Hamilton (who left Kotaku in 2018) have started a new podcast called Triple Click. I wonder if other Kotaku staff will pick up the Splitscreen mantle.

On the bright side: Video games will no longer be delayed.

Announcing a New Project

I am launching a new project. This project is a long form interview show with a variety of people throughout the video game industry; whether they be a gaming journalist, game designer, or an industry personality.

The first episode airs this Monday, January 30,2017 at 12:00 PM EST on my YouTube channel. A companion post with the interview will go live here on Go Left Gaming.

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