Looney Toons New Series Debuts on HBO Max

Mark your calendars: May 27th is rabbit season. Or is it duck season? New episodes of Looney Tunes streaming on HBO Max, May 27th.

HBO Max via Twitter

Dang it. I thought Netflix and Disney+ would be enough. Then they had to go and put out new Looney Toons cartoons on HBO Max.

They actually premiered one of the cartoons last year. They look incredibly zany, goofy, and looney; just like the originals. I am so down for new Looney Toons.

Google Chromecast Preview

Television is evolving. With cable becoming a dying fad, the ability to stream video from computers or internet services has really changed the industry. Companies like Netflix are even making enough revenue to produce their own original content. In response to this streaming boom, companies have created small, box shaped devices that combine all these streaming services into one, smooth, user friendly experience. Honorable mentions are Apple TV, a small black box packing all your streaming needs and then some, and the Roku, a powerful multimedia streaming tool. Today, I am here to introduce the newest streaming tech on the block, the Google Chromecast.

Dollop of fairy dust not included
Dollop of fairy dust not included

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