Interview: Head of Xbox Phil Spencer – Unlocked 437 – IGN

Interview: Head of Xbox Phil Spencer – Unlocked 437

Ryan McCaffery put out another excellent interview with the Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer. They talk about staying agile with Series X pricing, Phil’s reaction to the PS5 specs, and handling a console launch with world safety concerns due to COVID-19. I highly, highly recommend listening if you care about the next generation of game consoles. Phil is always a treat to listen to. For those more visually inclined, you can watch the interview on YouTube.

Xbox Series X Inside and Out

Xbox Series X: A Closer Look at the Technology Powering the Next Generation – Xbox Wire by Will Tuttle

Microsoft has dumped the motherlode of Xbox Series X information upon the world yesterday morning. All that is really left is the release date, the launch games (besides Halo Infinite), and the price. Microsoft has been doing extremely well with the consistent drip feed of next-gen news. This news was likely always scheduled to be revealed at GDC 2020, which was supposed to be held in person this week, but was cancelled due to COVID-19. Here are some of the tidbits I found most intriguing.

Starting with the actual box, I’ve always been a fan of the vertical design. Now that we have seen the inside and know the air flow, it reminds me quite a bit of the Mac Pro—from 2013. Can’t innovate anymore my ass. After the Red Ring of Death back in the 360 days, the emphasis on thermal management is always interesting to see in each Xbox.

Inside the box itself, the specs are off the charts compared to the current generation. Both the Xbox Wire article above and the Digital Foundry video dig into the nitty gritty. What I cared the most about was actually the SSD size, which is 1TB. I find that too small as a baseline considering how large these end-of-generation games actually are. Games like Red Dead Redemption II take up two discs while Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is easily 120+ Gbs. Thankfully, Microsoft confirmed what the mysterious port on the back of the Series X is meant for. The slot is a proprietary SSD expansion slot. Since all Series X games expect the SSD for performance, you can’t just load Series X games from a standard external HDD. These proprietary SSD cards seem small, but weighty (as Digital Foundry mentioned). I am curious how much these SSDs will cost. Memory cards are back!

Besides the Digital Foundry content, Austin Evans also got hands-on. His video is a bit more high energy than Digital Foundry. Austin also talked about the Series X on The Test Drivers podcast.

As the new generation kicks up, it is astounding to look at how much of a 180 Microsoft has made. They have really spent the past few years rebuilding the brand and have built a seemingly solid foundation for the Series X. Very much looking forward to see how the generation’s launch shakes out.

Phil Spencer Plays The Initiative’s Game

The Initiative’s Upcoming Game is in a Playable State, Phil Spencer Goes Hands-On by Logan Moore at DualShockers

Turns out that Phil’s recent visit to The Initiative was not a one time deal before the launch of next gen. Design Director Drew Murray tweeted out a picture of Phil playing some sort of build of their game on February 5, 2020. If The Initiative’s game is far enough along to be playable, I imagine a reveal could easily happen this year.

Phil Spencer Visits The Initiative

Great update today with @DGallagher_LA @mattbooty and the team @TheInitiative. Incredibly talented studio challenging themselves to do new things things (and old things :-) ) in new ways.

Phil Spencer tweet on January 28, 2020

Nice to hear Phil traveling to the Xbox Game Studios during the launch year of the Xbox Series X. Also nice to hear that one stop was specifically at The Initiative since I predicted their game would be revealed this year.

Destiny Preview

Let me be clear: I was not excited for Destiny.

I admired Bungie’s goal and mission for their new space saga. A vast digital universe filled with unique, diverse players that are constantly connected is something to be admired in the gaming space (ba da chhhh). The game just did not appeal to me.

I am not a FPS fan. I don’t care for character creation. I certainly prefer to play alone for most games.

What made my passive attitude toward Destiny even more surprising (to myself) is that a vast majority of the gaming community is eagerly awaiting destiny to let them play Bungie’s newest game (last one, I swear). People are stoked to shoot aliens in first person vicariously through their own, user generated character with friends and strangers alike.

When Sony gave all the attendees of the “E3 Sony Experience” access to the brief and PS4 exclusive Alpha for Destiny, I challenged Destiny and Bungie to make a lasting first impression. They met that challenge with an alarmingly fierce sense of direction, beauty, and wonder.

I am sold on Destiny.

From Thursday, June 12 at 12:00 PM PST through Sunday, June 15 at 11:59 PM PST Bungie granted a small pool of PS4 owners the ability to try a slice of Destiny. Featuring one story mission, a few side quests, a raid, a public event, the central hub, and one VS mode, the Destiny First Look Alpha took me by the hand, like a child in a theme park, and decided to give me the grand tour.

Shall we play?
Shall we play?

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Guest Review- Catherine

The world of video games is vast. There is no way we could play every single game. Some of us pick up the greats, while others play the duds. As a result, some of us miss out on true gems in the industry. A few weeks ago, Jeriah King, a reader and fan of Go Left Gaming, reached out to us. He asked if he could write a review for the site. Humbled by his request, we graciously accepted his offer to write exclusive content for us. Jeriah went straight to work and wrote us a review for Atlus’s puzzle platformer, Catherine. Below are all of Jeriah King’s thoughts on this game changer in the industry. If you would like to write a review for Go Left Gaming, check out the contact page and let us know what you would like to write. We would love to hear from you. Thank you for your time and enjoy Jeriah King’s review for Catherine.

Catherine Review

By Jeriah King

Coming from Atlus, the makers of Persona, Catherine is unique in its own way, giving you the feeling that something amazing is happening right before your eyes. Performing obligations and choosing right from wrong is what sets this game apart from other Japanese, anime style games. Coming from such an immensely popular title as Persona, Atlus had to raise the bar once again to impress gamers everywhere. Replaying Catherine almost a year later, this game still lusters and proves to be a worthy title for any gamer’s collection.


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Kingdom Hearts missed an entire console generation…

Kingdom Hearts Missed an Entire Console Generation

And Why that is a Good Thing

By Max Roberts

I am a long time Kingdom Hearts fan. The moment I laid eyes on Kingdom Hearts I at my friend’s house in the first grade I fell in love. Since that fateful moment I have followed the series fervently. I remember my first encounter with every entry; all eight of them. Yes, there are eight Kingdom Hearts games. So why was Kingdom Hearts III JUST announced, over a decade later? Because one of the Kingdom Hearts franchise’s “trademarks” is spin-off games. Due to the six spin-offs, Kingdom Hearts has missed an entire home console generation. Now I am aware that Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMix is coming out to the Americas on September 10, 2013, but those are simply HD remakes of three of the entries (although there was nothing simple about recreating them in HD). Fans of the franchise haven’t seen a brand new, numbered entry eight years! And as a fan, I believe that this is a good thing. Here is why Kingdom Hearts missing an entire console generation is the right call for the franchise.


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Bioshock Infinite DLC Reveal

It is a wonderful morning. It’s the tail end of summer, not a cloud in the sky nor a care in the world.

Wait, Ken Levine, creator of Bioshock, said the Infinite downloadable content (DLC) would be revealed? When? July 30? What time? 8? AM?

As soon as Ken’s tweet went live, my alarm was set.

It IS a good day!
It IS a good day!

Irrational Games has officially announced Bioshock Infinite’s DLC, some of which goes live today. Let’s see what Ken’s been cooking up for us.

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Guest Hosting on The Notepad Podcast

Hey guys! Just thought I’d share some pretty cool and exciting news. Yesterday I was honored to be a guest on the Notepad Podcast, hosted by Mitchell Morgan, Dominic Fleshmen, and Cory Simmer.

The Notepad

Episode 13 features all of us discussing our E3 and WWDC predictions for next week. The episode is just over an hour long. Go give it a listen! It is available on iTunes here or over on Lybsin here. After listening to that, check out previous episodes. The guys have done a really outstanding job. If you like tech, nerd culture, gaming, and some classic humor this podcast is just for you! Hope you enjoy it!

Xbox One- The One Stop Entertainment System

Xbox One- The One Stop Entertainment System

By Max Roberts

Microsoft’s new direction is clear. Xbox is no longer a gaming console power-house. The Xbox is an all-in-one exclusive entertainment system. The system overall is powerful, intuitive, and simplistic. It has a sleek design that will fit nicely with all your other boxes stored underneath your television. The controller is very much the same with slight changes for the better. Kinect 2 is a major overhaul in hardware and its abilities. Technically on par with the PlayStation 4, it comes down to what the consumer wants; do you want gaming or entertainment? Here is the run down for Microsoft’s next Xbox; the Xbox One.

Main Page

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By Max Roberts


The brand new Xbox is upon us. In just a few hours, details shall confirmed, rumors dispelled, and a new console war shall begin. Microsoft is late to the show, considering Sony had a press event back in February for the PS4, and Nintendo’s Wii U has been out since November. It seems that arriving this “fashionably” late may be part of their strategy, since E3 2013 is only two weeks away.

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