[MacPad: How I Created the Hybrid Mac-iPad Laptop and Tablet That Apple Won’t Make](https://www.macstories.net/stories/macpad-how-i-created-the-hybrid-mac-ipad-laptop-and-tablet-that-apple-wont-make/) by Federico Viticci for MacStories > ...if a Vision Pro can provide you with a virtual display for your Mac, can you physically remove the display from a MacBook and continue using it in “headless” mode with a Vision Pro or other external monitors? The answer is [yes](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUa_pPUbpGQ). > > ...I didn’t just want to make a headless MacBook anymore. I had to figure out how to combine the MacBook Air and iPad Pro into a single machine... > > ...In researching keyboard options for the Vision Pro, I ended up building the convertible Apple laptop-tablet that I so desperately want the company to make. > > Let me explain how. Sorry for the chunked up quotes, but I've had sharing this post on deck since it came to light a month ago. The mad lad did it: he built a convertible Mac-iPad-Vision Pro device that works within Apple's own ecosystem. This project is proof deep integration and ingenuity can come together to make something...magical.