Next-Gen Duking it Out in June

Not E3: When to expect Sony’s and Microsoft’s next big summer events by Jeff Grubb for Venture Beat via DualShockers

Grab the salt.

Rumors are claiming that Sony will hold a PS5 event in early June, possibly on June 4. My birthday is June 5, so I’ll gladly take that as an early birthday present. The rumor claims there is a possibility of the date changing, which isn’t surprising considering the state of the world and the fact this is a rumor. This post also claims both first and third party games would be shown. No word on pricing or the console itself. This all seems nebulous, but until Sony talks, it is worth putting a pin in early June.

The Xbox angle of this rumor is a bit more concrete since Microsoft has confirmed monthly events going forward. Grubb reports that Microsoft is looking at June 9 or June 10 for the June event, but really isn’t sure what they will show off. It’s possible we get a release date and/or price. Maybe Microsoft focuses on the user experience, showing off the UI and other features. We have a rough sketch of the June Xbox event, but the details are fuzzy.

I find it interesting that the rumor mill is churning that both companies are pondering an early June event. Right when E3 2020 would have taken place. I wonder if a PS5 event before The Last of Us Part II will suck some of the wind out of its impending launch. Probably not, since the original game did well out of the gate, before the PS4 was fully revealed. We are currently two weeks away from early June. If any of this pans out, we will likely have an announcement within the next week or so. Both companies will want some hype leading into their respective streams.