The Legend of Zelda: The Missing Link is a Rad Fan N64 Game

The Legend of Zelda: The Missing Link


This has been sitting in my blog post queue for a while. Nearly a month ago now, I saw this tweet for Micahel Koczwara and immediately downloaded this fan patch. I played the game over the course of a few nights; all-in-all it took me between 3-4 hours to beat. It’s a fun, puzzle-focused Zelda game. It’s got original music that has a catchy earworm quality to it.

I played the game on my Mac with a CRT filter and used a N64 to Wiimote adapter to play with a real N64 controller. There is a certain level of camera jankiness that I don’t recall from Ocarina of Time, which I last played in just over a year ago in 2019. The final boss in particular, while featuring a rad design, had some serious camera issues that frustrated me. Overall, it’s a fun fan-mod that is totally worth checking out if you are into Zelda on the N64.