Upgrading the Studio

Turns out I like making videos. 😁

Over the Black Friday shopping period, I bought some new office/studio equipment that I have had my eye on for awhile: the Elgato multi-mount system, an Elgato Key Light Mini, and a Loupedeck Live.

When it all arrived, I thought it’d be fun to film the initial set-up. It started as an idea of the time lapse and expanded to screen capture and beyond. This video took about a week to shoot and edit. I tried new ideas out (like the time lapse) and learned some lessons.

During the Loupedeck set-up bit, I had the wrong microphone selected. I’m not used to having to chose a mic, so I goofed that up. Thankfully, iZotope RX 10 came to my rescue and the audio is fairly listenable.

Since it was filmed over the course of a few days, I was mindful of my wardrobe. I filmed the video’s intro just yesterday! Since that led right into the time lapse, I realized I should be wearing the same shirt. The other scenes were clearly days apart, so matching there wasn’t necessary.

I also went down the clickbait thumbnail route again. Cringey? Sure. Fun to make? Absolutely.

I have been so surprised and pleased by the response to my game collection video. It has been nice. Makes me happy to be producing more in-front of the camera video work again. I’m figuring out with my wife a time for my regular streams to return as well. After all, those were a major factor behind these upgrades!