Heroes of Hyrule Video Restored – Did You Know Gaming?

LOST Zelda Game for Nintendo DS: Heroes of Hyrule – Ft. @Zeltik by Did You Know Gaming? on YouTube

A few months ago, Did you Know Gaming? uploaded a slew of sweet Zelda videos showcasing lost projects pitched by Retro Studios. I meant to share them both here, but it slipped through my mind. DYKG was clearly in touch with former (and possibly current) developers at Retro with their access to materials and on-the-record interviews. It’s journalism in the truest sense.

Their video on the Zelda tactics game Heroes of Hyrule was removed earlier this month courteous of YouTube’s automatic copyright takedown system. If this was published on any other outlet, the story never would have been taken down. While Nintendo may not like the reveal of shut down pitch content, this story has historical importance and was fairly investigated.

I’m happy to see the removal was reversed.