Celebrating Super Smash Bros. Brawl Turning 15

This week Super Smash Bros. Brawl turns 15-years-old here in North America. This iteration of Smash is the reason I have this site and why I write/talk about video games on the Internet. I was captivated by The Dojo’s daily updates and inspired by the podcast Show Me Your News.

My first production – my first thing – online was the Smash Cast and my opening words reflect that inspiration:

Hello you are now watching the Smash Cast. I’ve decided to follow the footsteps of Youko and Rocdar12 and create my own Smash Brothers Brawl news segment. For those who don’t know who Youko is, he is the head of Show Me Your News, which is a podcast weekly podcast that you can download at the iTunes store.

My excitement for the game drove me to create, to express myself publicly. In honor of the crystal1 anniversary, I have a couple of plans to celebrate.

This Wednesday (March 8, 2023), I’ll be streaming Brawl’s single-player Adventure Mode, The Subspace Emissary, on my YouTube channel. I haven’t touched the Subspace since launch. The current schedule is to start at 6:30 PM EST, but that could change depending on the family. Probably best to turn on a notification for the stream to be pinged when I go live. It should be a fun trip into the past!

Then on Thursday (March 9, 2023—the actual anniversary) a special edition of The Max Frequency Podcast is going live. I’ll be joined by none other than Youko himself—Peter Spezia. It was an honor and a pleasure to go back through the Brawl hype cycle with the voice of the Smash community. We wove together the game’s development with the first few months of SMYN for a celebration like no other. I’ve spent the past month relistening to the show and preparing for this anniversary. Reliving the glory years of ‘07 and ‘08 was a delight. A fire was rekindled that The Dojo and SMYN sparked in me so long ago. I hope the episode does the same for you.

1. Krystal?