Happy 10 Year Anniversary to The Last of Us

Ten years ago, my summer kicked off with a game that would change my life and countless others. Who knew a decade ago that I’d name my daughter after Ellie.

I don’t have anything big planned for today. I should, but have just run out of time. I just wanted to acknowledge this significant milestone. 

If you’d like to see, read, or listen to any of my coverage on The Last of Us or Naughty Dog, check out my hub for Chasing the Stick. The franchise is bigger than ever today with the TV show and inevitable Part III. The multiplayer game is in limbo, becoming the studio’s longest developed game to date.

The Last of Us has stood the test of time and will be around for many more years to come. Congratulations to Neil, Bruce, and the team at Naughty Dog. Endure and survive indeed.