The Last of Us Part II Cost a Cool $200 Million to Develop

Sony’s confidential PlayStation secrets just spilled because of a Sharpie by Tom Warren and Sean Hollister for The Verge

It looks like someone redacted the documents with a black Sharpie — but when you scan them in, it’s easy to see some of the redactions. Oops.

I modified the image slightly, so I could read the text better.

Someone is in big trouble over in Sony’s legal department.

While the development time for The Last of Us Part II wasn’t a surprise, the cost to make it was. Now, $200 million also isn’t a surprise; massive AAA first-party exclusives fall in this range. Just look at Horizon Forbidden West in the previous sentence above.

For context though, The Last of Us Part II sold 4 million copies in three days. If all of those were just the base game at $59.99, Sony recouped the development cost and then some at $239,960,000. In 2022, the game reached 10 million copies sold, although the profit made is unknown due to discounted sales throughout that time. The entire series (four games) has sold 37 million copies.

I think the $200 million investment for Part II has paid off. I wager the investment in The Last of Us Part III will pay off even more so; not sure if the multiplayer game will see the light of day though.