Blue Eye Samurai

I have not been this enamored with a show in quite some time. I haven’t binged a show in years. Blue Eye Samurai is worth your time. If you need to see something from the show, just watch the teaser above. Also, do not read the show’s description on Netflix. Skip the “this season on” bit at the end of the first episode. You’ll be hooked before that comes up anyway.

Glad this came out before I cancel Netflix at the end of the month. I’ll resubscribe for season two.

As a notice, the show features graphic violence, nudity, and sexual content. It’s easy to skip past the rating, but I wanted to give readers a heads up.

So Netflix just put up episode six “All Evil Dreams and Angry Words” on YouTube in black and white. Obviously, don’t just jump into this blindly1, but this episode comes right after the season’s best and it is an absolute gauntlet. I will watch this again just to imagine it as a Kurosawa black and white joint.

1. If I were to pick an episode in the middle of it all to show random people, it would be this one though.