Thursday Night Stream – Optimizing my Retro Consoles with the RetroTINK 5X

I upgraded my RetroTINK 5X Pro to version 3.71 and that means all my profiles were wiped out. I figured a stream would be the perfect time to reenter all my settings. I plan on going through each system and re-entering the settings/profiles1 I had from Wobbling Pixels. I’ll be tackling my SNES, N64, GameCube, Wii, PS2, and my PSTV.

I’ll also be trying out ADC calibration to make the colors look even better. This seems the most tedious, but hey, isn’t that what the stream is for? It’ll be a fun, casual hang out while I set stuff up.

Come swing by the stream tonight at 8:00 PM EST to hang out and tinker with some retro consoles.

1. Man, I can’t wait to have profiles just loaded onto an SD card.