Hand-Drawn Game Guides Heading to Kickstarter

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Pre-orders for hardcover, premium versions of Hand-Drawn Game Guides begins Friday at 12PM EST on Kickstarter!

Philip Summers via Twitter

I spy with my little eye Metroid and Zelda. I am lucky enough to have one of the first 100 editions of Philip’s The Legend of Zelda guides and it is truly beautiful. You better believe I’m snagging that Metroid guide.

Metroid Dread Announced

Metroid Dread Nearing Completion by Matt Casamassina for IGN on August 27, 2007

In 2005, IGN got hold of an official internal Nintendo software list that revealed a number of key DS games set to be announced in the future. All of the games on the list, including titles like Super Princess Peach, were eventually announced and released. All, that is, except for one — a project known simply as Metroid Dread. To this day, Metroid Dread, thought to be a traditional 2D sequel in the Metroid franchise designed specifically for Nintendo’s dual-screen handheld, has never publicly been acknowledged by the mega-publisher. But an unofficial nod to the project has been found hidden within the 20-hour adventure of fantastic Wii first-person adventure Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, developed by Retro Studios.

Players who journey deep enough into Samus Aran’s Wii quest can use Aran’s scan visor to read lore and lob enemies and objects. Doing just that on one mid-game world, we stumbled upon a panel with the following message, quoted verbatim below:

“Experiment status report update: Metroid project ‘Dread’ is nearing the final stages of completion.”

16 years later, Nintendo has finally revived the Metroid Dread name, launching on Nintendo Switch October 8, 2021.

Ironically (and thankfully), I decided to record my reaction to the Direct for the first time ever. I happily lost it when Nintendo acknowledged my favorite bounty hunter.

Arlo’s reaction is also very fun.

Metroid Prime 2D – A Nostalgic Sense of Déjà Vu

Metroid Prime 2D Demo Playthrough by Varia the Hunter on YouTube

April Fool’s turned reality, some folks have been working on turning Metroid Prime into a 2D game. The group released a demo for PC, which you can download here. It’s rather unique to turn the game that breathed new life into Metroid by making it a 3D FPS into a 2D game like the Metroid games of yore. I haven’t had a chance to play myself—no chance to mooch my wife’s laptop—but watching the demo in action reminds me quite a bit of Metroid: Samus Returns with its free-aiming ability, no doubt tied to the mouse.

It really evokes both Metroid as a whole and Metroid Prime the game. It filled me with a sense of both déjà vu and nostalgia for a game I played many years ago and have also never tried. I hope this does turn into a full release some day. It’s nice that some people remember outer space’s coolest bounty hunter.